A Dream Animal

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A wild life recordist reaches a forest area to collect some sound samples. She is told of the re-emergence of an animal call that has not been heard in this area for about forty years or so. Tracing the call one day, she gets lost in the forest. A young man, a forest guide (who had been her guide too) decides to go in looking for her. But the forest has changed, and the paths are no longer as clear as before. The woman manages to return, muddy, bruised and satisfied with the sounds she has gathered. Only to hear of the young man who has gone seeking her in the forest, left to wonder what he would be seeing, doing, or will he too be lost.

Awards Received

Special Jury Award at SIGNS Film Festival, Cochin, India, 2014

Best Sound, Cut in Student Film Festival, TISS Mumbai, 2014

Best Direction, National Students Film Awards, 2015

Best Sound, National Students Film Awards, 2015

In Competition

Mumbai International Film Festival, 2016

IDSFFK, Trivandrum, 2014

Pune International Film Festival, 2015


Sanyukta Sharma


Sunayana Singh


Arri 535


Arri Zeiss Master Primes


October 13, 2019

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