Buzz Buzz Bees / Bhoun Bhoun Bhounki

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A young boy longs to see a flower that last bloomed when he was born but being unwell, he cannot go with others to see them. An old woman who has come from far inspires him to find a solution, taking the help of wild bees and traditional beekeeping system.
Produced by MITR, a Delhi based NGO with the support of Films Division of India.
– World Awareness Children’s Short Film Festival, New York, 2018
– International Ecological Film Festival To Save and Preserve, Okrug, Russian Federation, 2018
– Corti A Sud- Polla in Corto, Salerno, Italy, 2018
– SIGNS Film Festival, Cochin, India, 2018

Sanyukta Sharma


Sunayana Singh


Blackmagic Production Cinema Camera


Zeiss Distagon ZM


October 13, 2019

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