He Used to bring me Apples (Original Title : Teu muloi aapel anisil) 

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2019, Village Kalitakuchi, Hajo, near Guwahati, Assam,

Language : Assamese | Duration : 26 minutes 40 seconds.

A deadly epidemic has claimed several lives in a remote village in Assam. The villagers are convinced of foul play. For several years, there have been attempts by the authorities to get the villagers displaced in order to use their lands for setting up factories but they have been offering a firm resistance, despite industrial wastes from a neighbouring industrial area affecting their fields. They are being led by a woman in her late 50s, Ayesha. Ayesha’s husband joined the insurgency in Assam several years ago and never returned. Despite him being gone for more than 3 decades, Ayesha hopes he’ll return one day. She promised to look after his village people in his absence. Ayesha, herself suffering from the disease, lives in a state where her memories and dreams are as real as her present. It’s as if she’s living different stages of her life simultaneously.


Mehdi Jahan


Sunayana Singh


Nikon D750




August 25, 2020

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