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A curious pigeon barges into the home of a police officer, disrupting the wedding preparations that are underway. Spotting a cryptic message on its wings, the officer takes the bird to the police station and soon an investigation is underway that causes havoc in the security operations of the Indo-Pakistan border.

Based on true events, this satirical take on the Indo-Pakistani conflict is an insightful commentary on the absurdity of rigid divides, and the whirlwinds of fear and paranoia that can turn even a symbol of peace into a fearsome enemy.

The film had its world premiere at Sarajevo Film Festival 2016 and the Indian premier at 18th JIO MAMI Mumbai Film Festival as part of In The Same Garden, an omnibus of seven short films that look at the long-lasting aftermath of the Turkish-Armenian conflict that began in 1915, when the Ottoman government systematically annihilated 1.5 million Armenians. The films strive to use the unparalleled and unifying power of cinema to remind us of our complex history and humanity.


Gurvinder Singh


Sunayana Singh


Arri Alexa XT


Arri Zeiss Master Primes




October 13, 2019

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